Escape Room Safety Tips You Should Know

Escape rooms offer a unique form of entertainment. You will find them quite exciting, social, and fun. Moreover, they can take you to another dimension of gaming. Moreover, the fact that there are several escape rooms near you, it is quite easy for you to jump in and give it a try. According to Exodus Escape Adventures, you should note that you are in a room and the world is not coming to an end. Thus, you should be careful and look after yourself well. These are some of the top safety tips you ought to know.

Wear Comfy Clothes

child escaping a roomYou may be required to crawl on the floor and even peek under rugs, shelves, and tables to get clues. Thus, you should choose an attire that is stretchy and comfortable. Put on what you usually wear when going out for coffee or a casual walk. Avoid wearing high heels and super tight t-shirts. Moreover, do not put on something that is too fancy. This is because you may get some dust.

Use Night Vision

In most instances, escape rooms have dim lighting. This is attributed to their overall dramatic atmosphere. Also, they can be completely dark in a few cases. However, the darkness will only happen for a short period. Whenever this happens, you ought to be careful and not hurt yourself. You do not want to get out of the room with bruised arms or numbed toes.

Monitor Your Belongings

underground escape roomYou should note that most escape rooms have lockers where you can store your things. However, some do not. Thus, there is a need to be careful with your belongings. Do not leave your wallet, credit cards, or cell phone in the pockets hanging up in the waiting room where anyone can get them. If you have bags or purses and you do not want to carry them with you, it is a good idea to ask staff members to look over them.

Look Out for Sharp Objects

Finding sharp objects in an escape room is rare. However, in some instances, you may see an army knife; you should use it with a lot of caution. If there is damaged or broken equipment, you should be careful of sharp edges. Also, some games are exciting and fast-paced. You may forget you are in the room and not in early to save the world.

happy guests

Three Don’Ts When Hiring Comedians

Have you ever experienced comedians for hire in your function or celebration? How was the experience? And where did you find them? These are among the questions in the heads of people who are thinking of hiring comedians for their event.

A stand-up commodity is an excellent addition to your event but only if you are willing to stand by the rules of choosing the best comedian for your event. If you follow the dos and don’ts, you stand better chances of selecting the best comedian. We all want out guests to have fun leave the party happy, hiring the best stand-up comedians in your region is among the ways to achieve a pleased audience. Below are tips on how to Hire Clean Comedians For Your Special Event | 100% Guaranteed.

The Comedian Should Not Be a Surprise

Never show up your comedian as a surprise. For comedy to work, your guests must be ready and informed that there would be a comedy session. This way, they will look forward to it. Ask comedians, and they will tell you that they need a ready crowd for it to work. Include this session in your invitation cards or messages.

Do Not Allow the Comedian on Stage When the Guests Are Eating

food, happyTo start with, I want you to understand that comedy and eating do not blend. The distraction of the eating crowd puts both the comedian and the guests in a non-favorable atmosphere. In addition to that, you do not want to handle cases of people who chocked because they were doing the laughing and swallowing together.

Do Not Invite a Comedian If Your Event Is a Reunion Type

happyIn such events, many people are there to catch up and chat. For comedy to work, the crowd must be attentive. If your guests are not fond of comedy and would prefer to converse among themselves let them be. Such a crowd will be a nightmare to any comedian; it can be stressing talking to people who are not listening and laughing at your jokes.

If you have never hired a comedian before, kindly seek help from reputable firms to avoid critics that you hired crappy comedians. You might have attended an event with the comedian for hire and found it fun. This will not be the case if you do not put effort into finding a good comedian.





Tips For A Complete Online Gaming Experience

Online gaming has become popular in this twenty-first century. Many young people are now spending countless hours playing online games. If you have been playing games online, you will know that most games become boring and there is need to have variety. Most games are also locked, and you have to pay some money for you to play. However, now you can find sites with plenty of game hacks where most of the games are free, meaning you can play the game without being asked for money. Some of this websites will blow your mind with the collection of latest and cool games they have. If you are a serious gamer, you know that nothing makes a game better than the graphics and the soundtrack that come from a game. For those who have not tried online games, here are some tips on what to prepare for maximum online gaming enjoyment.

Choosing a gaming site


You should surf the internet and find the sites that have the games you like. After finding a gaming site, go through the different games they have and check out their graphics and sound quality. The best websites will have high-definition graphics and quality sound system. You will also have to know if the site is safe for use because most gaming sites have been known to contain worms and viruses that can ground your computer.

Gaming computer

Most of the high-quality games are graphics intensive. This means you should get a quality gaming computer for you to enjoy the full quality of a game. If you are using a regular home computer, the excitement for playing a game will not be compared to someone who has a gaming computer. To take your gaming experience to the next level you need to have a quality gaming computer.

Internet connection

onlinegamesAfter you have found your favorite game online and bought the best computer you can lay your hands on, the next thing to do is get an internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, your game may hang from time to time. That is why you will need a high-speed internet connection. You can find a high-speed internet connection from your local network provider. When your connection is fast enough, you will be able to play your games without any downtime.

Cost of playing

On most of this online gaming sites, you can join for free. They have plenty of free games for you to enjoy. However, if you need to have a game to play while offline, you can pay a small fee and download the game. The advantage of having a game on your computer is that you will be able to play it at any given time with or without an internet connection.



Benefits of listening to music

Music is an art. It is usually vocal or instrumental or a combination of both. Music has been there from time immemorial albeit in different forms. So much is music listened to that it is part of nearly all activities people do, be it in farming, working out or just to relax. Below are some of the benefits of listening to music.

Why you should listen to music


Music has been used for motivation in yester times for tough manual activities like farming where people sang while working to draw strength and motivation. In current times, music is a motivation factor in sports activities and when working out. People draw motivation and strength from listening to their preferred type of music which increases their work rate.

Eases stress

Music has a healing factor. A scientific finding shows that listening to a preferred genre of music does reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol. This, in turn, will reduce chronic stress illnesses which are big contributors to other forms of illnesses. Therefore, music has a medicinal aspect.

Sleeping aid

A lot of people experience difficulty in sleeping or wake up several times in the course of their sleep. This disorder, commonly known as insomnia, has been known to affect the physical and mental well-being of people and has been found to be a cause of accidents. Research conducted at major universities have found that playing soothing music at bed hours have increased sleep quality for those people who have a sleeping disorder. This has curative measure commonly referred to as music therapy.

Strengthens memory and learning process

Classical music has like Mozart has been found to help improve learning processes. Children are taught how to memorize alphabets and count numbers through singing them out loud. This has proved a better way for kids to learn and memorize faster.


People are drawn to one another by similar interests. Music brings these interests together in forms of concerts, music festivals and parties. This improves social aspects and brings people of diverse beliefs and cultures together.

Fosters creative thinking

Music has brought about creative aspects. Through listening to music, most people draw inspiration and artistic aspects and talents manifest. Such talents include dancing or even art in the form of drawings and paintings.

Preservation of culture and heritage

Music is used to recount the history of communities. Be it in praising of events or powerful persons, in festivals, or lullaby for children, music expresses the way of life of communities. Songs that were composed in the olden days do not change over time, and this becomes a tool of preservation of culture and heritage. Due to different languages used in music, it also becomes an instrument of identity.


Top reasons to go to a movie theater

Improvement in technology has changed the entertainment circle, especially in the world of watching movies. Now, there are bigger screens that have become commercially available, and with internet streaming, you can enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your home. However, movie theaters still exist. Below are top reasons why you should go to the theaters on a regular basis, even with improved technology and electronics.

Why you should go to a movie theater

Movies were made for screening in theaters.

rthgfryhgftyt4565745454tTheaters have the type of ambiance that filmmakers want for viewership. The darkness allows for clear viewing, and the walls are made to be sound proof to avoid interference. The screen is big, and once the movie is in play, you cannot pause, forward or rewind the movie to attend to other matters. This improves concentration and a better experience.


As much as your home may be comfortable, spoilers through family or friends who might not be watching the same movie or are engaged in other activities that divert your attention spoil the movie experience. Things like power outages or internet downtime while streaming will definitely spoil the whole movie experience too.

Shared moments and experiences

As opposed to watching movies alone with no one to share the same experience, theaters have the same movie enthusiasts who grasp, get shocked or scared, scream, laugh or cry the same time as you do. This brings about a nice experience which makes theaters worthwhile.

Support of the films

When buying tickets to watch movies, the revenue generation through ticket sales will tell filmmakers what type of movies are preferred based on the sales made. This goes in supporting filmmakers and in giving them a feedback of the type of movies that are popular helping in the production of more similar type.

Quality screening and audio

dfdgfgjfdrtje356434545Movie theaters, due to their commercial aspect, will always have better screens and audio equipment than those in homes. This gives a better quality and experience.


Theaters are a good and common place for friends to meet and watch a movie. The fact that there will be a different movie anytime friends or loved ones meet, it gives a new experience. This rejuvenates the social aspects and kills boredom.


Theaters are usually located at shopping malls where most of the nice snacks that accompany movies are made and sold. Popcorns and sodas combined with the audience bring about the movie experience that cannot be found in the comfort of your couch.
These factors combined will definitely have you spending that extra money for a ticket to get the movie experience that is desirable.