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The Importance of Home Cinema

The term home cinema refers to an audio-visual system as a means of home entertainment that seeks to enhance the quality of the leisure experience. While in the 1980s the term home entertainment typically consisted of pre-recorded television shows or programs on a VHS tape, today’s development in the area shows significant changes, especially when it comes to the appliances used. A much bigger television screen, higher-quality of projected images, and improved sound quality are some of the crucial elements that can reproduce the real theater experience at your home.

The system installation started to gain attention from the public since the introduction of home movies back then in the 1950s. Since that era, the term home theater has been a subject of massive developments, and many continuous inventions in the area have made the best audio and visual quality possible. However, one thing that is worth mentioning is that the system is not only limited to movie-watching experience, but it is also open for another form of entertainment, such as game, sports, and music. As it plays a vital role in today’s society, below are the other reasons why the system should be present.

Highly Practical

The practicality that the term carries includes how the system is capable of meeting the residents’ need for a set of instruments that can enhance the value of their quality time. These residents may or may not opt to spend their free time at home, but when they do, an excellent audio-visual system is what they need. Several options are available when it comes to the choices of the appliances. For those who would like to bring the ambiance of the real cinema, installing a big and flat screen that can produce high-resolution images is highly advisable.

Things are different for those game enthusiasts, and they need a set of gamingrig to enjoy the whole scene of the games that they are playing. The set includes a reliable monitor, hardware, sound system, and the best gaming software. This way, you can take the gaming experience to the next level.

The Value of the House

Another reason why it is vital to install the system is that it will add value to the house where the systems are installed. Housing developers tend to follow the latest residential trends to sell their products, and the designs that support home theater is one of the top features that these developers offer. In short, if your house supports the installation, you can avoid lower resale prices whenever you decide to sell your property.

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How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

If you have a video production project as an individual or with a local crew, you need to look for the best video production company that will help you achieve your dreams. You need to ensure that the company is helping your project to be smooth and stay in your budget. However, you need to beware that production agencies or companies have differences and you need to make a wise decision to ensure your project is a successful one.

Some factors will help you to know the right companies; you need to be mindful with the options that you come across because not all companies will guarantee you the best-expected results. The following is how to find the best video company.

Check for a Specific Experience

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When you are looking for the best one, you need to check the level of experience by exploring their portfolio. You already know that experience is the key to the best production process. The producers should be familiar with the video effects and advanced tools that will ensure you get the best output at the end of your project.

You will know if a company is experienced by asking the producers about their past projects and the number of years they have been in the industry. Ensure that you can believe your instincts regarding a particular company.

Prompt and Professional Customer Services

Customer services should be your key consideration when you are looking for the best video production company. You need to be mindful about the first impression you receive from the producers and co-producers when you visit the company for the first time. Did the workers listen to your requests and needs?

Find out what are the goals of the company regarding the customer services. This will help you to gain confidence in their video production services. An excellent video production service will care about every client they receive so that they build their reputation.


When you visit the video production company, you need to inquire about their service cost. Inquiring about the cost will help you mind about the project budget and the affordability of the services. On the other hand, you need to ask yourself about what you are going to get for the price.

Find out whether the video production company cares about quality or quantity. Quality of the video production is what matters to you; ensure that the company is dedicated to giving the best quality at an affordable price that ranges within your budget.

Talk to the Previous Client

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It is not a bad thing to run out of ideas when it comes to choosing the best video production company. You need to find the best referrals who can share their best experience with a particular company so that you get the right information.

Talk to relevant people and ask questions regarding the standard business practice of the company and the quality of services. This will enable you to make the right decision while looking for the best video production.


What Are the Differences Between Electric and Nitro RC Cars?

When you take a look at electric or nitro powered rc cars, they seem very similar. But there are quite a few differences, which do come not from their appearances but the actual operation.

As an RC hobbyist, making the right decision between a nitro or electric car can give you many years of enjoyment. Here are the five most important differences between these two models:

1. Motor and Engine

By far, the most important difference between a nitro and electric RC car is what makes them operate. Basically, the nitro RC models come with an engine fueled by a methanol-based substance, while the electric RC vehicles are powered by the motor that requires electricity, which is often in the form of battery packs. This nitro fuel and nitro engine are the RC version of the gasoline and gasoline engine used in a full-size truck or car.


2. Chassis

The chassis of nitro powered RC cars are mainly made of a lightweight and durable anodized aluminum. This metal construction, instead of plastic, is applied because nitro engines often generate a lot of heat that could melt any form of plastic chassis.

The chassis on electric RC vehicles, on the other hand, is often made of plastic and carbon fiber. This gives the chassis adequate strength and durability while decreasing the overall weight of the cars at the same time.

3. Drivetrain

velocityThe drivetrain system in most toy-grade electric RC models often consists of plastic parts. The only metal component in the drivetrain might be the pinion gear, which can be made of plastic sometimes as well. The differential, which is a group of gears in the drivetrain, in an electric hobby-grade car has both plastic and metal parts, but it could be upgraded to the metal to give your electric hobby-grade drivetrain a great boost in longevity and strength.

Just like the chassis, the drivetrain in nitro RC cars primarily contain all metal differentials and gears. These metal parts play an important role in ensuring that the high torque generated by the powerful nitro engine does not place too much pressure on other plastic components. Some low-end hobby-grade nitro models might be designed with some plastic gears in the drivetrains, which would be less durable compared to metal ones.

4. Center of Gravity

The number of parts and their placements can have a significant effect on the weight and center of gravity of the RC cars. This eventually affects the potential maneuverability, handling, and speed of these models.

With both nitro and electric hobby-grade RC cars, the center of gravity plays a very important role. Sometimes having the right center of gravity can make a big difference between losing and winning in an RC race.

In fact, it might be marginally harder to have a stable center of gravity on the nitro RC models in comparison with electric cars because the electric RCs do not need to worry about the continuous movement of gas or fuel in their tank. All the parts in an electric RC car are stationary and do not shift at all, which gives it a steady center of gravity and a slight handling advantage over nitro models.

Catholic Radio

Bakhita Radio was established in 2006 to serve as a platform to promote communication for peace and good governance, as well as the general public’s participation in the political process.

With over 40 programs broadcast daily in English and Arabic, and 5 local languages, Bakhita remains the most consistent, effective and wide-reaching forum for such discussions for the Sudanese population.
With a 72 meter mast, Bakhita Radio reaches most areas in Greater Equatoria.

Bakhita Radio is based in Juba, where it is a part of the Sudan Catholic Radio Network, a group of community-based radio stations that operates across southern Sudan.