Top reasons to go to a movie theater

Improvement in technology has changed the entertainment circle, especially in the world of watching movies. Now, there are bigger screens that have become commercially available, and with internet streaming, you can enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your home. However, movie theaters still exist. Below are top reasons why you should go to the theaters on a regular basis, even with improved technology and electronics.

Why you should go to a movie theater

Movies were made for screening in theaters.

rthgfryhgftyt4565745454tTheaters have the type of ambiance that filmmakers want for viewership. The darkness allows for clear viewing, and the walls are made to be sound proof to avoid interference. The screen is big, and once the movie is in play, you cannot pause, forward or rewind the movie to attend to other matters. This improves concentration and a better experience.


As much as your home may be comfortable, spoilers through family or friends who might not be watching the same movie or are engaged in other activities that divert your attention spoil the movie experience. Things like power outages or internet downtime while streaming will definitely spoil the whole movie experience too.

Shared moments and experiences

As opposed to watching movies alone with no one to share the same experience, theaters have the same movie enthusiasts who grasp, get shocked or scared, scream, laugh or cry the same time as you do. This brings about a nice experience which makes theaters worthwhile.

Support of the films

When buying tickets to watch movies, the revenue generation through ticket sales will tell filmmakers what type of movies are preferred based on the sales made. This goes in supporting filmmakers and in giving them a feedback of the type of movies that are popular helping in the production of more similar type.

Quality screening and audio

dfdgfgjfdrtje356434545Movie theaters, due to their commercial aspect, will always have better screens and audio equipment than those in homes. This gives a better quality and experience.


Theaters are a good and common place for friends to meet and watch a movie. The fact that there will be a different movie anytime friends or loved ones meet, it gives a new experience. This rejuvenates the social aspects and kills boredom.


Theaters are usually located at shopping malls where most of the nice snacks that accompany movies are made and sold. Popcorns and sodas combined with the audience bring about the movie experience that cannot be found in the comfort of your couch.
These factors combined will definitely have you spending that extra money for a ticket to get the movie experience that is desirable.