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Handy tips to find the best escort in Berlin

Whether you are planning on having one or more children, these handy hand me down tips can help parents to save money, make money back and as Bob the Builder would say “reduce, reuse and recycle” waste. From the moment your infant is born they begin to grow (as they should) and sadly this also means that they outgrow their clothing very quickly, leaving huge amounts of clothes which can be reused and worn again by other children in the future, here are some top tips from Mums Baby Magazine to find the best escorts in Berlin.

  • Buy some clothing storage bags, label each bag with a clothing size (for example 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and so on…). Once your child has outgrown a specific size of clothing, wash the items and put them away into the correct storage bags.
  • When arranging a clothing bag for storage, try to keep gender specific items (blue or pinks for example) to one end of the bag and more neutral colours to the other end. This makes it easier when selecting items for reuse or sale in the future.
  • Create a specific area in your attic / storage room and put the bags into order of size so that you can quickly select a bag should you wish to reuse it.
  • If your wishing to pickup or sell clothing bundles quickly without postage costs try joining Facebook sale groups, Freecycle and Gumtree groups based in your area.
  • Create an Ebay selling membership if you wish to sell bundles of clothes online with ease.
  • Shoes can also be reused, simply wash them/ scrub them until they are clean and store for reuse or sale.
  • For parents wishing to have more than one child, school pumps/ plimsolls can be worn by either gender, they should be washed once they have been outgrown and placed into a bag which is labelled clearly.
  • To save even more money, try using reusable, cloth nappies which can be washed and stored for future use.

It’s amazing just how much money can be saved by ‘passing on’ and reusing clothing and shoes! Children are barely in clothing before they are out of them due to growth, be smart, be organised and store, sell and save!