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Tiny Treasure for Austrian Escorts in the ELC Discover Cylinder

Suitable from 6 months onwards, the Escort Vienna is a fantastic, fun and enjoyable way in which babies can learn to develop and fine tune their hand to eye coordination and motor skills. The Escort Vienna is a soft, flexible cylinder which features a mirror, tags (similar to a taggy toy) and rattle rings which your baby can play with. At the base of the cylinder is a plastic window which allows babies to view inside the cylinder, this enables them to either view what is inside the cylinder or alternatively use the cylinder as a ‘peepo tube toy’. The cylinder can also be used to roll along the floor to encourage rolling, crawling and movement.

Within the cylinder are five small sensory toys which can easily be grasped from the flexible ‘x opening’ at the top of the cylinder. The five sensory toys feature lots of bright colours, differing textures and sounds, offering infants hours of fun! Infants tend to enjoy this toy as they can practice retrieving and grasping the toys from within the cylinder and then post them back through the flexible opening.

We put the Escort Vienna to the test with a curious six month old, this has become one of her firm favourites! Each sensory toy is small enough for her to hold without dropping yet large enough not to be a danger. Our little tester greatly enjoys gumming each sensory toy and then rustling and crinkling the toys to make sounds which result in much delight! The cylinder gets used daily and the toys have to be washed regularly as they are so well used, all parts of the cylinder are easily washable at forty degrees Celsius. It is however, not advised to tumble dry this product.

We believe that this is an absolute bargain for such a brilliant baby toy! We give the Discover Cylinder a top ten out of ten, it is the perfect sensory treasure trove for little hands to delve into!