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Children ask national Parliament to ratify Child Rights Convention

Children urged the government to ratify and strengthen the UN Child Rights Convention in the country.

The call came on Tuesday when pupils from different schools gathered in Juba to express their concern to MP on Child Rights Convention ratification, Bakhita Radio reported.

Pupil David Atem asked MPs whether there is a plan in the parliament to involve children in decision-making.

He asked the role of the government in fighting violence against children in South Sudan.

Another pupil asked MPs that when will the government ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Children?

National assembly MP Ann Lino said South Sudan would ratify the Convention on Wednesday.

She said they were unable to respond to all questions because many questions were directed to various ministers.

Ms Lino said there was need for ministers of Defense, Interior, Public Service and Education to answer questions on problems facing children in the country.

Child Welfare Director in the national Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare Celina Peter said the government started to implement the convention since 2006.

She said South Sudan was implementing two optional protocols to address the issue of a child soldier and trafficking.

The world will next Wednesday commemorate the 24th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Children under the theme “Lobby for ratification of the convention on the rights of the children.”


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