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WES launches vehicle income tax

Western Equatoria State Government on Tuesday launched a vehicle income tax to collect revenue to deliver basic services to communities.

The State Revenue Authority Director General Lawrence Billar Wanga disclosed the new tax targets all commercial vehicles, motorbikes and company vehicles, Anisa Radio reported.

He announced that all the targeted vehicles are given a two-week grace period from the launching date and the payment shall be done on a quarterly basis.

Mr Billar explained that the tax rate on “boda-boda” was 25 pounds and licence 75 pounds; vehicles of four to six passengers will pay 100 pounds; vehicles carrying seven to 15 passengers will pay 200 pounds.

He added that vehicles carrying more than 24 passengers will pay 250 pounds, big lorries will pay 450 pounds and trailers will pay 550 pounds.

State Minister for Commerce Trade and Investment Simon Ngbiidigi urged all business people to comply with the government’s tax policies.

Yambio County Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Nelson Abbas Zingbondo promised that he will work hand in hand with the state government to execute all taxation policies.

Boda-boda rider Martin Anikumbo welcomed the new tax hoping to get services like better roads, schools and hospitals from the government.

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